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WHY Phit Lifestyle?

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Phit Lifestyle was created for one simple reason; to cut through the noise of the industry and create an effective, client focused facility providing everyday people like you with the tools to get serious results. Results that are sustainable and without an unrealistic often perceived approach to diet and training that has become all too common in the realm of health and fitness. 

The industry on many levels constantly changes which can be quite deflating, "faddy", over hyped and more often than not trainers, diets and training models can often be a product of great marketing rather than a results driven, sustainable, realistic approach. We'd like to think at Phit Lifestyle we are quite different; we produce sustainable results and educate our clients through the process, the how, the why and the what between training, lifestyle and nutrition, making the process enjoyable without compromise. 

We work with our clients based on what they want and what they need, not what society tells us we should be doing based on what's popular or trending. And that's why Phit Lifestyle is so effective and can help you reach your goals! 

To put it simply we give real solutions to real life people just like you using real-world applications to get epic results. 


"I've been training with PHIT Lifestyle for over a year now and have had tremendous results in terms of my strength, flexibility and body confidence. All the personal trainers are super-friendly and knowledgeable and the gym is spacious with cutting-edge equipment. Highly recommended".

Beverley Glick

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Phit Lifestyle is more than just a gym it's a community! A community of like minded real people, here to get real results!

We help everyday people like you, improve their body confidence and feel great about themselves.

Health and fitness means different things to different people, so click on the social links below to see what each of are about and how we can help you get to where you want to be.

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Jack Fymruk

Health and Fitness Coach

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Natasha Aliphon

Health and Fitness Coach

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Jake Gifford

Health and Fitness Coach

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Liv Walker

Health and Fitness Coach

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Matt Suckling

Health and Fitness Coach

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Below are just some of the services we offer, don't forget to check our articles section of the website to get your hands on some free downloads, training plans, nutritional info and an array of other informative content. 

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An array of exercise classes coming to our second floor training space soon.

Click the button below to register your interest and get our opening offers!

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What makes our personal training services so unique isn't our amazing facility or even our knowledge and experience it's that we invest everything into helping you in every possible way we can; reach your goals because WE CARE. 

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Train with a friend or two for some healthy competition, extra support and motivation as well as sharing the cost. 


Phit Lifestyle, Unit 3, Corinium Business Estate

Raans Road 




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