Obesity, COVID-19 and Gym Closures!

Contrary to what the Fat Acceptance Movement on social media would have you believe it is a well known scientific FACT that obesity is very very bad for your health.

I facilitate the empowerment over choices and outcomes, what a person chooses to do with that power and knowledge is entirely up to them. If someone doesn't understand the consequences of being obese I will educate them and in educating them and providing them with the tools that can help them and with the tools and the knowledge it is up to that individual the choices they make. But as stated above contrary to what the internets Obesity Apologists will have you believe it is a well known scientific FACT that obesity is very very bad for your health (fact)! Obesity is a well known predecessor of poor cardiovascular health, diabetes and pre-diabetes as well as hypertension and other metabolic health issues. Unfortunately these health complications caused by obesity correlate almost exactly with the biggest risk factors of Covid-19. Within nearly all published data hypertension has been the biggest co-factor showing up in almost 30% of cases, CV disease in 10-50% of cases and diabetes in as much as 10-30% of cases. What is more shocking is that it is estimated that 75% of deaths could have been avoided if those who fell ill with the disease didn't have simultaneous medical conditions.

In 2020 in the UK, there were 11,117 hospital admissions directly attributed to obesity, this was an increase of 4% from 2017/2018 when there were 10,660 admissions. In 2020 876,000 people were administered to hospital where obesity was a factor. This is all readily available information, officially published; more so than ever we have a serious health and obesity problem on our hands. Obesity evidently puts people at greater risk to Covid-19 but the answer is to close gyms and leave the fast food restaurants open. Gyms and personal trainers should be there to help support and relief the pressure from the NHS, more should be done to promote good health and an ideal body weight and body fat percentage. More should be done to educate people on the consequences of making poor health choices. The subject around weight, weight loss and ideal body weights might be a tough topic and one that isn't black and white and there is no one way answer but more than ever it needs to be discussed and barriers need to be broken. There is a consequence to being obese.

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