3 Simple Fat Loss Mistakes You're (Probably) Making.

Losing body fat will help you build a lean and desired physique, but it can be really frustrating when you aren't seeing the results you want. We've worked with many many successful people over the years helping them get into the best shape of their lives but more often than not we come across people making the same simple mistakes in their efforts to lose fat and get lean; read below to help save yourself from the same mistakes.

1. Tracking

This is a fundamental aspect of your training if you want to stay motivated and making your fat loss efforts a real success. Monitoring your progress week to week (or whatever works for you) will help you massively in the process to reaching your goals, you need to see how your body is changing and responding to make sure you're moving in the right directions continuously and consistently rather than just aimlessly training and eating. One of the easiest ways to track your progress is using the scales albeit this isn't always the most effective way. You can also use body site measurements, skin callipers and photos to give a far more accurate reading. When you see results you'll be far more inclined to keep going and keep pushing on the days when dieting is hard (it can be)!

2. Failing to prepare

This sounds simply yet as the saying goes; 'fail to prepare or prepare to fail' is true too when it comes to diet and training as it is for many other things in life. The harsh reality of sticking to any diet is that a fair degree of prep work is needed in order to truly succeed. How many times have you found if you've missed a main meal, got little to no food in the house and you're hungry and tired that you've just grabbed a calorie loaded meal out and bought it home? We've all been there and it could be so easily avoided had we been prepared with food for the meal we had to miss and then had prepared food already at home for when we got in. If we are prepared we are far less likely to veer of our diet and less likely to purchase food we fancy rather than what we should be eating to reach our goals. Preparation in bulk is far easier than you think, it means you have much better control and it can be cheaper too. It doesn't have to be boring either; (head over to our shop to purchase some of our recipe books to help give you some tasty, healthy and low calorie ideas for all your meals).

3. Having a short-term mindset

Too many people take on a diet or training with an end date in mind like a wedding, a holiday or a birthday for example rather than adopting it as a lifestyle. Although this fine and we can argue that it they still succeeded I believe it would be far more beneficial if we focused on the long term habitual behaviours first and focused on an all round better quality of life both physically and mentally. For me when people are thinking of going on a diet it means that are thinking of also coming off of it at some point in the future. There are times when I think we could all do with taking a little look at our calorie content and we might put on a few pounds during times of the year but for me that isn't a dieting approach that is an adjustment. Short term, extreme approaches are never sustainable and people are ultimately with this approach setting themselves up for failure. Longevity and Sustainability wins.

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