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Fat Loss Fundamentals

August 10, 2018


The fat loss industry, or more commonly known as the weight loss industry, is a billion pound global titan. There is a conglomeration of programs, DVDs, diets and services out there, which all believe they are there to serve those seeking thinner thighs and losing that donut belly.

However as aforementioned in previous articles and social media posts, systems are glamorized and new fads and gimmicks are created that push and pull at emotions and insecurities in order to make sales.

Despite what some people may claim, there are three very important fundamentals that apply if you want to successfully lose body fat and keep it off.

1. Calories

If you want to burn body fat, one thing holds true above everything else and that is you need to be burning more energy than you are consuming. Many people preach about the consumption of quality of over quantity and whilst we should always be aiming to maintain a balanced diet of wholesome foods, it’s still possible to gain weight consuming a healthy diet.

Everything is centred around calories and while calories aren’t all created equal they are the base line to any sort of fundamental fat loss occurring.

Think of just a few diets or dieting systems you've heard of or know of someone else using; they all have one thing in common and that is the reduction of calories, be it through portion sizing, point counting or removing food groups. They are all based around aiming to reduce a persons over all calorie intake.

If you focus on this first and foremost, you can eat a balanced diet and enjoy the foods you love and provided you don’t go over the top with your calories you WILL lose body fat. It may take some practice initially but it’ll help maintain a positive relationship with food in the long run.

Top Tip: Focus on eating good quality food but don’t fear social occasions in the process. Just be aware that some foods may contain more calories than you might realise, which may inhibit your progress.

2. Strength Training

Usually when people want to burn body fat, they want to change their body shape and create a firmer, more ‘toned’ body. Whilst burning more calories than you consume is a fundamental process to losing weight, strength training, for both men and women, can have a dramatic and positive effect on an individual’s shape through creating that ‘tone’ that many people desire which can’t be achieved through dieting alone. Weight training has also been shown to burn more calories whilst at rest and to have a more profound result in altering your body image. More benefits to weight/strength training can be found in another training blog on this site.

Top Tip: Want to change your body image faster? Start strength training 3-4 times a week to get truly beneficial results in a shorter time frame.

3. Consistently Follow The Above

Whilst one bad day may not be the end of the World or the end to your progress, just one day exercising and encompassing positive eating habits is simply not enough to warrant results.

You have to be committed to applying the two fundamentals above, week in week out. It’s not about getting things perfect but ensuring that the good days/weeks outweigh the bad. Patience and consistency is quite often where people fall short in yielding fantastic long lasting results.

Top Tip: Don’t worry about the minutiae and just focus on the basics. Track your progress and changes to appreciate how far you’ve come and to ensure you keep moving forward. Finally, find someone to keep you accountable if necessary.

If you apply these three fundamentals then over the course of time you’ll not only notice the fat diminish, but you’ll feel strong, more confident and improve your health in the process too.


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