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Why I Detest Spinning Classes!

August 10, 2018


I have never and will never be an advocate of spinning;

I actually thought the spinning craze had died out a little and was no longer that popular, but I’ve heard more things about it in the last week than ever, so clearly I am wrong and it hasn’t died out at all.

Sure a newbie to exercise will lose a little bit of weight spinning in the beginning;

But on the whole it will make people fat and dysfunctional!

You weight bare the load in the same position and  pound the peddles for 45 minutes.

I am stereo typing here but if you’re someone who typically struggles to lose weight due to having the in capabilities to reduce your caloric intake then spinning will increase the intramuscular fat stores around your hip region. Why? Calories in VS not enough calories out.

I’ve been spinning before and the gym I used to work in was a big advocate for spinning, I know most people barely turn the dial up, instructors included; it’s a long weight barring load centered in one muscular area; the quads.

Not to mention those who attend spinning;  typically get up, drive to the train station, sit on the train, sit at a desk all day, back on the train, back in the car and typically spend most of the evening …… sitting on the sofa. To then sit on a stationary bicycle is Ludacris.

It further shortens your Hip flexors and shortens the abdominal muscle. Cycling over stresses the lumbar spine placing unnecessary stress on the cervical and thoracic area including the discs and unless you ‘pull’ the pedals, which I highly doubt then your overpowering the quads in relation to the hamstrings.

That bent over cycle position also internally rotates the shoulders lengthening the upper back causing anterior deltoid dominance and shortened pectorals (hunched shoulders).

Why also it’s considered a HIIT workout I’ll never know, it’s considered far too long to be intense enough through the whole duration to be considered high intensity.

If you enjoy it, by all means continue but if you think it’s doing you any favors you’d be sadly mistaken!






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