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7 reasons why as a woman you are missing out if you aren’t weight training.

August 10, 2018


There are so many benefits to resistance training with weights for women. I believe in this principle so much that actually our entire gym facility includes no treadmills, cross trainers, rowers, spin bikes or anything remotely alike.  

Don’t get me wrong CV training has it’s place but I’d much rather encourage you to get out on a real bike, go outside or join a class (not a spin class) then park yourself indoors on a stationary piece of equipment while watching TV (insert eye rolling emogi here).

Weight training is a great tool for fat loss and getting in the shape you want - but there are so many other benefits too that more women should know about.

1. It burns more body fat

Weight training burns more calories overall than steady-state cardio and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).  During the exercise itself you may burn fewer calories lifting dumbbells than you will slogging away for a solid 2 hours on the cross trainer. However the rewards are reaped long after you’ve left the weight room.


2. You can eat more

Training with weights makes your muscles denser and can make them bigger too but don’t fear as women they won’t make us bulky. After all no female accidentally woke up too muscular. You need to eat a lot of food to grow those muscles, and you need to eat plenty to maintain them.

Looking at it the other way round, having even just a little more muscle means you can handle a lot more calories.

.3. Stronger bones

The pressure that weight training puts on your bones encourages your body to invest in making your bones stronger and sturdier. This counteracts the fact that women lose bone density from their 30s onwards; a process which speeds up after the menopause. Encouraging bone density will help protect you from fractures and breaks. And will help you lead a more sufficient healthier lifestyle long into retirement.

4. Stronger immune system

There’s a link between healthy habits that people who lift weights tend to have, such as better eating habits and higher quality of sleep.

There are also theories linked to improved circulation, regular increases in temperature and lower stress levels. Win: Win: Win to me.

5. Stronger mind

Continual and gradual improvement in the gym creates a positive impact to your life. I believe that if you feel strong in the body you’ll feel strong in the mind and vice-versaThis sort of outlook tends to adjust your expectations to other areas of your life, spreading a more positive outlook, which in turn makes you more likely to try new things, cope better with stress and be successful (and I feel like I whiteness this day in day out with my clients).

6. You’ll age better

All these things brought together, add up to you remaining stronger and healthier for longer. Your improved circulation will help to keep your skin, nails, and hair in good condition. Being in good shape will enable you to wear the clothes you want. When you fall, you’ll be less likely to fracture or break something. You’ll be sick less and remain independent for longer. Who wouldn’t want that?

7. Better Sex

You’ll be physically stronger, get out of breath less easily and have more energy in general. Lifting weights has plenty of positive outcomes for a better sex life.

Lifting weights typically makes people feel good about themselves inside and out. You notice a newfound confidence in them mentally which transpires to all parts of their life.

Lifting weights has ample benefits, start lifting today to see these benefits and talk to us if you aren’t sure how to start.Remember our app Phit Online as 100’s of workouts with exercise descriptions and clear video and audio so you feel confident to enter the weight room.


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